Ananke (pronounced “uh-NON-kee”) is an award-winning performance artist and certified instructor of Middle Eastern dances. Although often called “belly dance,” these art forms involve complex movements of the wrists, shoulders, arms, and torso. It’s a lot more than just shaking your hips!
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Want to add some shimmy to your life? Belly dance is a fun and fulfilling practice that compliments any body gracefully. No dance experience is required, and two left feet are okay! Ananke teaches weekly belly dance classes in Gaithersburg, MD. You can also find workshops in Montgomery and Frederick County Maryland.
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Registration Open for Spring Semester of Belly Dance Classes

Join us in Gaithersburg starting this April for weekly belly dance classes for Beginners through Intermediate level dancers. Spaces are limited.

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Ananke writes about learning, performing, and teaching the art of belly dance.
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