Advertisement Policy

Advertisement Policy

A lot of effort goes into maintaining this website. I do everything – from writing articles to creating graphics – myself. I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say it’s the most time-consuming thing I do as a professional dancer.

It’s important to me that any efforts I take to offset my costs and efforts (i.e. advertising) is as unobtrusive as possible. There’s nothing worse than annoying ads – popping up on the page, blocking an article you’re trying to read, tricking you into clicking on them by looking like legitimate content. I won’t use them on this site. Ever. Instead, I’ve opted to use a minimal amount of advertising, and only when I think it will be helpful to the reader.

What are affiliate links?

An affiliate link is a special URL an online retailer, such as Amazon, supplies to me for use on my website. It tracks traffic referred to the online retailer by my website. This allows the online retailer to give me credit if I refer customers to them. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, Amazon gives me a small percentage of the sale (usually less than 5%), at no extra cost to you.

Why do you use affiliate links?

Whether I received a percentage of the sales or not, recommendations and reviews would be a big part of this website. Students and blog-readers alike are constantly asking me for suggestions for the best belly dance music, DVDs, costumes, and other related products. I test a lot of what’s on the market, and I like to save you some time and money when I can by sharing my experiences. I ONLY use affiliate links when I would be recommending the product anyways. It’s a great way for me to use unobtrusive advertising at no cost to you.

Can I opt out of your affiliate links?

You sure can! If you prefer not to use my affiliate links, open a new page or tab, go to your favorite online retailer, and just search for the product by name. If you do not click the link on my website directly, you will not send me a percentage of the sales.