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Have No Fear! How to Create Choreography Courageously

Everyone loves a good belly dance choreography... once, of course, it's grown up into a well-mannered and polished routine. In its growing stages, choreography can be an unruly, demanding brat- a brat that sometimes makes us want to cry or tear our hair extensions out. It's easy to get intimidated when you first begin. Suddenly it's as if you can't remember any of the moves or combinations you know. You think that everything you try looks stupid, or it's just not good enough (anyone else besides me a perfectionist?). These kinds of thoughts aren't helpful. In fact, they can shut down your creativity. So when we choreograph, we have to give ourselves space to experiment. We have to be willing to have some failures, and to acknowledge that this is part of the process. We have to trust ourselves.

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How to Learn (and Remember!) Choreography for the Stage

Choreography... for some dancers it's a very long four-letter word. Even for those who love choreography, the process of learning a new routine can be exhausting, confusing, and defeating. As if preparing for a performance wasn't intimidating enough! Whether the idea of choreography makes you skip or shudder, it's pretty much a given that you'll have to learn one at some point in your studies (And if you plan to perform regularly with a class or troupe you may as well learn to love it!). That's why you need a strategy for learning choreography. It can make the process go a lot easier and it can help you remember a routine when it most matters... on stage!

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Review: Dancing in My Living Room with Datura Online

I personally think that one of the most exciting developments in our community is the expansion of belly dance instruction into the digital realm. It's now possible to take live classes or stream rented videos from world class instructors right from your computer. For those of us who live...

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Celebrating My Blogiversary! The Best of Ask Ananke

It's hard to believe that just one year ago, on October 24th, 2011, I published my very first post here on this blog. This past year has been an amazing learning experience full of fun adventures and some challenges, too. Thank you to everyone who has offered their support and guidance, and a special thanks to all my regular readers. I'm looking forward to another year of publishing belly dance news, articles, tutorials, and reviews- and I've got some big plans! But for now I'd like to share with you some of my favorite articles from this past year. Here are my picks for "The Best of Ask Ananke, Year 1":

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