Student Resources

Winter 2018 Class Resources

Hello and welcome to the winter semester of belly dance classes! Look to this page to find resources to compliment your study of the dance, including curriculum, notes, handouts, video tutorials, and more!

Beginner / Advanced Beginner Belly Dance

Class Schedule
Jan 17:    Welcome! Proper posture. Arm circles + wrist circles. Hip circles. ADV: Large hip circle.
Jan 24:    Hip scarves for sale. Arm frames. Hip side-to-side, twisty shimmy, and hip crescent. ADV: Traveling with these steps.
Jan 31:   Shoulder shimmy. ADV: Stomach pulse + flutter.
Feb 7:   Torso slide + Torso pop. ADV: Torso circle.
Feb 14:   Heel tap, head slide, and hip drop. ADV: Camel + bicycle hip.
Feb 21:   Arabic basic. ADV: Horizontal figure 8’s.
Feb 28:   Egyptian basic. ADV: Vertical figure 8’s.
Mar 7:   Review. Shoulder rolls, arm eights, and cross step. ADV: Snake arms.

Helpful Handouts

Arm Frames
Hip Scarves: From Buying to Tying

Intermediate Belly Dance

Our theme for the winter semester is “Shimmies & Jingles.” Brr! Feeling a winter chill? Let’s layer up and shimmy from head to toe to keep warm. Each week we’ll learn (or review) a different shimmy, then practice adding layers such as arm movements, isolations, and traveling steps. We’ll also work on our Middle Eastern rhythms via the finger cymbals. Bring a water bottle and wear a good bra – this class is going to be a workout!

Class Schedule
Jan 17:    Welcome! Types of layers. Shoulder shimmies vs. chest shimmies. Layered with traveling diamond step.
Jan 24:    Twisty shimmy. Layered with walking and rock step. Traveling as a layer.
Jan 31:   3/4 shimmy vs. Hagallah. ZILLS: tic-a-tac.
Feb 7:   Up / down shimmy into vibrations. Layered with isolations such as camels, circles, and eights. Isolations as a layer. ZILLS: alternate.
Feb 14:   Flutter. Frames as a layer. ZILLS: Beledi rhythm.
Feb 21:   Earthquake shimmy. ZILLS: 5’s.
Feb 28:   Choo Choo shimmy. Level changes as a layer. Multiple layering. ZILLS: 7’s.
Mar 7:   Review all moves and concepts. Pelvic shimmy.

Helpful Resources:
Saroyan Finger Cymbals

Music Selections

We’ll be dancing to selected songs from the following albums. Some of this music is available to download from Amazon and/or iTunes.* For additional music recommendations for practice and performance, be sure to check out my blog post, “The Best Belly Dance Albums.”

*Linked albums are available to download from Amazon. Please note, these are affiliate links. If you purchase the music from Amazon after using my link, Amazon will give me a small commission for referring you. It doesn’t change the cost of the music, or otherwise affect your purchase, in any way. If you would prefer not to use an affiliate link, just search for the album from Amazon’s homepage.