Student Resources

Winter 2017 Class Resources

Hello and welcome to the winter semester of belly dance classes! Look to this page to find resources to compliment your study of the dance, including curriculum, notes, handouts, video tutorials, and more!

Intermediate Belly Dance

This semester we’ll become graceful goddesses. Practice techniques to extend the lines of your body, use your arms with purpose, and transition elegantly. We’ll even learn some tips to make spinning more approachable, so you can safely twirl with confidence.

Class Schedule
Jan 25:    Proper posture and arm positions. Proper arm technique. Horizontal figure 8’s.
Feb 1:    Basic body frames, and how to extend lines. Vertical figure 8’s.
Feb 8:     Elegant transitions. Arm pathways. Shoulder rolls and boxes. Hand lotus.
Feb 15:    Large isolations of circles, waves, and eights. Arabesques.
Feb 22:    Basic spins. Swivel drop.
Mar 1:    Incorporating arm frames and arabesques into turns. Camel.
Mar 8:    Incorporating moving arm pathways into turns. Torso 8.
Mar 22:    Review! Spinning. Incorporating frames, moving pathways to comfort level.

Helpful Handout: Belly Dance Arm Positions

New Music this Semester!

We’ll be dancing to selected songs from the following albums. Some of this music is available to download from Amazon and/or iTunes.* For additional music recommendations for practice and performance, be sure to check out my blog post, “The Best Belly Dance Albums.”

*Linked albums are available to download from Amazon. Please note, these are affiliate links. If you purchase the music from Amazon after using my link, Amazon will give me a small commission for referring you. It doesn’t change the cost of the music, or otherwise affect your purchase, in any way. If you would prefer not to use an affiliate link, just search for the album from Amazon’s homepage.