Review: Bird of Paradise Hip Scarves from Kahramana on Etsy

Review: Bird of Paradise Hip Scarves from Kahramana on Etsy

Review: Bird of Paradise Hip Scarves from Kahramana on Etsy

I don’t need to tell you that one of the perks of being a belly dancer is all the sparkly gear. Are there really any other professions or hobbies that get to dress this good? I don’t think so.

Coined and fringed attire are sort of the standard when it comes to practice wear or student-level costumes for performance. While these are great basics to have in your closet, they do tend to get a little boring and overdone. That’s one reason I like shopping on Etsy. There’s a lot of unique looks and styles available from creative crafters. It’s where I found this beautiful “Bird of Paradise” hip scarf from Kahramana. I decided to test its wings and see how it performed in the classroom for this month’s belly dance review.

Kahramana hip scarf on Etsy

But first let’s be clear: I received this scarf for free in order to provide this review. I received no other compensation. The opinions provided here are completely my own. As always I strive to be thorough, unbiased, and accurate in my evaluation.

You can tell that Casey, the shop owner, puts a lot of time and thought into her work. Each piece is delicately designed to feature a balance of different colors and textures from the fabric. It’s carefully cut for the most flattering drape with special teeny tiny scissors. Her attention to detail is even evident in her shipping and packaging.

How my hip scarf from Kahramana arrived

I was at first concerned when I noticed that the edges were unhemmed, but Casey assures me that the fabric will not ravel. Although I am by no means a fabric expert I have no reason to doubt this. The edges seem stable enough to me. The beauty of the fabric was stunning when I unwrapped it from the white tissue paper. There are lovely patterns of bright pinks, purples, and blues studded with pink jewels in mine.

My pink, purple, and blue hip scarf from Kahramana

It’s also pretty light, which is one of the features that previous buyers had really liked about it. I was concerned, however, that in practice the scarf might roll or ride up. It certainly was pretty, but would it fly in the classroom? There was only one way to find out. To the lab!

Studio test of belly dance hip scarf

…which of course in our case is the studio. I brought it with me one night to teach my classes. My students certainly noticed right away since the jewels catch the light very elegantly with movement. And after three hours of dancing it held up very well; despite its lightness no rolling or riding at all! Certainly if you’ve used those velvet hip scarfs with the fringe you know how frustrating that can be.

To summarize I’m really excited to add this piece to my wardrobe. It’s certainly eye-catching and very unique. Since each is cut to shape they are really one of a kind. I like the lightness of the fabric and that it can still wear well through hours of dancing without needing much readjustment. It is perhaps at the higher range of cost for student or practice dance wear, but very nice nonetheless.

Hey, how about a discount?

Casey is offering blog readers 10% off any purchase at her store Kahramana when you order by Friday, March 1st 2013 and use the code “ANANKE” in the checkout. Cool!

In addition to these hip scarves you’ll find matching “Bird of Paradise” tie tops (just introduced!), zill bags, and jewelry. Casey has sizes for all dancers, from petite to plus size. Go take a look and score yourself some loot!

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  • can we get a new coupon code of ten percent discount which will work on the etsy store ?
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    • Thanks for your interest, Samantha. Sorry, the promotion has ended. I hope you’ll continue to read my blog as I often host promotions that are much like this one.

  • awesome skirt :) you look beautiful in it 😀

    • Thank you!