Ananke performs at the Arts Barn Theater in Gaithersburg, MDIn ancient Greek mythology, Ananke is the personification of destiny and fate, a force even the gods and goddesses were obliged to obey.

Hello, my name is Ananke (pronounced “uh-NON-kee”) and I’m a professional performance artist and instructor specializing in both folkloric and modern interpretations of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and North African dance.  I offer classes, workshops, and live performances of an authentic art with a rich history.

You can find me in and around Frederick, Maryland. I also teach and perform at events along the East Coast and am available to a national audience through online instruction.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you. Welcome to my website!



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Get your questions answered before the first class. Inclement weather plan. Driving directions.

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Notes, curriculum, choreography, and other resources for currently enrolled students. (password protected)


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Ananke, I was being lazy and Googling to find your blog (rather than just following the link on my own page, that’s how lazy) and I discovered the Greek meaning of your name. Can I ask how you chose it? It’s such a rich name!

Hi Irina! Thanks for asking. I actually picked it because I thought it sounded pretty, although I don’t pronounce it the traditional way. I loved that it was tied to a Greek goddess, and to one of Jupiter’s moons. And finally… it was unique, as far as I could tell. No other bellydancers named Ananke. 🙂

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