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10 Fun Belly Dancer Life Hacks

Isn’t it fun to learn tips and tricks that make life easier? This week I would like to share a few of my favorite “life hacks”- fun shortcuts using regular household items to solve everyday belly dancing dilemmas. We’ll learn quick makeup techniques, cheap ways to store costumes, and a few items that can make prop usage more simple. Get ready to say, “Aha!”

1. Wrap a few rubber bands around the end of a cane for easier twirling. It’ll help sweaty hands keep a grip. You can even match your cane with colored rubber bands, or through natural or artificial dyes.

2. Use a stripe of nail polish to mark the balance point on your sword. It’ll make transitions from balancing on one body part to another easier to judge.

Tips and Tricks for Balancing a Sword

3. Wear leg warmers bunched around your knees and ankles while practicing floor work.  A set for your ankles and another for your knees will act as padding when you practice a floor routine over and over. It helps prevent rug burn and bruising.

4. Place a strip of scotch tape before applying cat eyes for straight lines. Place the tape at the outer corner of your eye and then angle it up towards your eyebrow. Apply your liner and shadow as usual. Remove the strip when finished for a straight, crisp line. It helps prevent powder from falling down your face, too.

5. Use baby socks as zill mufflers. It’ll let you practice at home without driving your family crazy!

Tips and Tricks for Belly Dance Zills

6. Rub beeswax on the balancing point for your sword for better grip. Beeswax, golfer or bowler’s grip, or hair spray add tackiness to the edge of a sword and help prevent slippage.

7. Save the zippered plastic bags that new sheets come in for costume storage. Whenever you buy new sheets or curtains save those plastic bags! They are an excellent container for costumes, scarves, and jewelry. It’s easy to see what’s in them and the plastic is thick for protection.

Belly Dance Costume Storage Tips

8. Place a wine cork on the point of  your sword to protect you (and your floors!) if it falls. Beginning sword balancers may have a few slips when they first try dancing. Use a wine cork in the sharp end of the sword to protect you and your household.

9. Use colored thread to sew the elastic on zills for different fingers. You can use one color for thumbs and another for fingers so that it’s quick and easy to identify where to place them on your hands.

Tips for sewing the elastic on finger cymbals

10. Use vodka to remove stains and odors for costumes. A solution of water and vodka (I usually use half and half) is great for removing stains and odor from sweating. It’s gentle on fabrics that can’t otherwise be washed, such as hipscarves and costumes. Use a spray bottle and spritz, then let it air dry.

Tips for cleaning belly dance costumes

What are your favorite belly dance life hacks? Leave your tip in the comments below!

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